30 Ft. Safety Line

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  • Rugged 30 ft. rope(s) with two (2) Prusik knots for ultimate adjustability
  • Available in a single pack or three (3)-pack
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Feel safe and secure and climb with ease when installing or using your Summit treestand. Each 30 ft. rope has two Prusik knots, allowing you to hook in at ground level and stay connected to the tree the entire time you ascend and descend. This design includes two Prusik knots, which makes it great for two-person setups!

For two-person ladder treestands or double hang-on steps, the first user climbs the tree with the top Prusik knot, attaches a seperate safety line at hunting height, and disconnects from the safety line. Then the second user is ready to climb the tree utilizing the bottom Prusik knot that is still at ground level.


  • Rope length: 30 ft.
  • Maximum weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Choose a single rope or three (3)-pack

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