Aluminum Folding Climbing Sticks

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  • Lightweight aluminum climbing sticks weighs 3.6 pounds per stick.
  • Comes in a handy 3-pack and all sticks tightly stack together with folding footsteps for maximum portability. 
  • Quick-attach strap points make it easy to attach climbing sticks to tree trunk.
  • Each aluminum climbing section can support up to 300 pounds. 
  • Lightweight and packable aluminum sticks are ideal for hang-and-hunt application.

Studies have proven the best time to hunt a spot is the very first time. With Summit’s Aluminum Folding Climbing Sticks you can do just that. Weighing in at only 3.6 pounds per stick, traveling deep into the woods to hang a stand is not a problem. The folding footsteps make it that much easier to track through the thick stuff without getting hung on limbs and vegetation. Hanging your stand is fast and easy with the Quick-attach strap points built into each climbing stick. When you find the hot spot, grab your Summit hang-on and Aluminum Folding Climbing Sticks and go hunt!

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