7 Climbing-Stand Accessories That Enhance Your Hunt

Climbing-Stand Accessories

These seven climbing-stand upgrades will allow you to sit longer, shoot straighter and keep your gear more organized than before.

Gun Rest


Shooting accurately off-hand or without a sturdy rest takes a lot of practice. Most deer hunters go to the rifle range in late summer, fire a few rounds to make sure their rifle is sighted, make a few adjustments or not, and put the rifle back in the gun case until deer season starts. That hardly qualifies as practice. That’s why it is essential to have an adjustable and solid rest in your climber. The Summit Adjustable Gun Rest is the solution. It’s lightweight aluminum construction is strong, and the padded rest allows you to easily settle in for a steady shot, even while your heart is screaming buck fever! Get the Summit Large Stand Gun Rest for larger Summit climbers.

Backpack Straps


Carry your climbing stand as far as you need to with the addition of Summit’s Adjustable Backpack Straps. This pair of camo backpack straps fits any Summit and features a quick-adjust buckle for ease of use in the field. 

Storage Bags


Deer hunters carry a lot of gear in the field. Some of it you need to access immediately, while others can be stored away until needed during ascent and descent. Summit’s Deluxe Front Storage Bags provide a multitude of storage options. For instance, you can store your pull rope in a pocket so it’s always with your stand. Or, once in the stand you can place binos and range finder in an easy-to-access pocket for use during your hunt. The Summit Storage Bags keep you organized and your head in the game. 

Surround Seat


The longer you can sit on stand, the better your odds of killing a mature buck, especially during the rut. Comfort plays a big role in how long you can sit. The Summit Surround Seat is the next level in comfort. The Surround Seat features padded sides that are comfortable, but also block the cold wind. The Surround Seat is outfitted with three pockets for gear, quick-release buckles for easy mount/dismount, and is compatible with all Summit climbers and some ladder stands.

Arm Pads


Don’t overlook these cushioned add-ons. Not only is bare metal cold in the winter but hit it with your rifle or bow release and you’ve just echoed one of the most unnatural sounds possible through the woods. The Summit Zippered Arm Pads easily install with the built-in quiet zippers and their padded design kills metal-on-metal sound and gives you a warm comfortable place to rest your arms during those long sits. You can install these on most Summit climbers and commercially-available treestands. 

High Traction Strips


Stay safe and quiet in your climbing stand with Summit’s High Traction Strips. These self-adhesive strips provide a non-slip surface on your stand. They are easy to install with a peel-and-stick design and will fit any Summit Treestand. 



The Summit Footrest is designed for the Titan and 180 Max large-platform treestands. This simple-to-install accessory helps reduce leg and back pain when sitting on those long hunts. It’s fold-up design keeps it out of the way when climbing, too. A Footrest option is also available for Viper, Mini Viper, Razor and Cobra climbers, too.


These are just a few of the accessories you’ll find from Summit. Think about your hunting style and needs and check out the Accessories page for more useful ideas.


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