Accessorize your Bow to Boost Accuracy

A - Stabilizer

A stabilizer is all about adding balance and dampening vibration, in short it’s there for your own comfort.  Find a stabilizer that helps you feel more comfortable shooting and you’ve got yourself a winner.

B - Matched Peep and Pin Guard

Having a pin guard that perfectly matches the diameter of your peep sight at full draw will help take the guess work out of centering your pin on the target, and will surely improve your accuracy tremendously.

C - Quiver

Some shoot better without a quiver attached. Maybe it’s all in the head, but it doesn’t change the results. Try shooting your bow both ways; if you have a preference, go with it.

D – Sights

One pin or many, a bow can only be as accurate as it’s sights.  Invest in a sight that best matches your application, and your own personal preference.

E - Full-Containment Drop-Away Rest

Have an old nonmechanical full-capture rest that you can’t bare to part with? No problem, but if you’re in the market for an upgrade, today’s best drop-aways completely contain the arrow, instantly fall clear of the shaft upon release for optimum accuracy, and don’t mangle your vanes with use. So why not use one? I’ve put thousands of arrows through mine in all types of weather. It’s never failed.