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Two Whitetail Deer Grazing

7 Secrets For Yearlong Success

Failing to plan is essentially the same as planning to fail. When it comes to consistently tagging top-heavy giants, this popular adage is definitely true to its word. Shot opportunities at big bucks don’t come easy and that’s exactly why you better start planning and taking the right steps now. The following tips and deer management tactics will dramatically increase your chances of tagging wall hangers on your property throughout the entire season.

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Turkeys Captured on Game Camera

Turkey Game Camera Strategies

Want to revolutionize your hunt this turkey season? Utilize the same game cameras you trust for tagging trophy-worthy bucks. Strategically place game cameras in multiple locations to scout turkeys’ travel routes, feeding areas, and strut-zones. When gobblers are especially call-shy, you’ll know where to find them. Monitor fields and large open areas during spring mating season to determine peak daytime activity—making your hunt purposeful and your tag rate higher. For additional game camera strategies, visit

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Whitetail Deer Mounted on Wall

Post Taxidermy Tips

Follow these steps to keep your trophy animal looking as good as the day you hung it on the wall! Step 1: Handle With Care Always hold and carry the mount with your hands placed directly under the chin and on the plaque or back of the mount (Avoid carrying by antlers alone).

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Food Plot Maintenance

Winter Food Plot Maintenance

Neglecting your food plot during the winter months is unwise if you want to attract deer to your property year-round. Plants grown in spring and summer months often wither in the cold, so it’s important to know which plants will thrive when temperatures drop. Growing a variety of winter vegetation in multiple feeding stations helps prevent overgrazing, and preset feeders will keep raccoons and turkeys from becoming competition. To make the most of your winter food plot, monitor activity with your Moultrie game camera, and access our helpful tips for maintaining your plants. For the full story, visit

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Man and Harvested Whitetail Deer

Early Season Deer Secrets From The Experts

Hunters often consider early season the most difficult time to hunt with sweltering temperatures, pesky mosquitoes, and fear-inducing snakes being the main obstacles. Concentrating on deer’s needs—mainly food and water—during the early season can make all the difference to your hunt. When the weather’s hot, deer gravitate to water sources and eat along their path to the nearest pond. Using trail cameras to pattern their movements will help you locate the perfect trees for your stand, making it possible for you to bring the big bucks home. Want more early season deer secrets? For the full story, visit

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