Field & Stream: Five Early-Season Whitetail Tactics

“They’ll start acting like bucks again…they hang back in the hardwood close to their beds, and head to the fields after dark. But this is the easiest time to kill a good one,” said seasoned buck hunter, Harry Pozniak, in a recent article from Field & Stream. Understanding big game’s behavior in the early season is invaluable when pursing and killing whitetail deer. “We kill 70 percent of our early-season bucks from ground blinds, and most of our shots are 20 yards or less,” said buck expert, Ed Koger. Buck deer have patterns and personalities that, with patience—and maybe a few cameras—can be learned to increase your chances of a kill. “Once they find a spot they like, they’ll keep coming back to it, like a flock of geese.” These insider tactics will take the average deer hunter from good to great, or the experienced buck hunter from accomplished to tremendous.  READ MORE