Five Reasons to Take Down Your Stands in the Off-Season

It's so much easier to leave your stands up all year long. We're all guilty of it. But here's a few good reasons to take them down in the off-season.

1.    Trees grow year-to-year, Part 1:

Think it's a lot of work to take down a treestand now? Wait until the tree grows over and around your straps and other contact points.

2.    Trees grow year-to-year, Part 2:

As the tree's diameter expands from growth, it places a lot more tension on the straps, and platform, creating accelerated wear. 

3.    Critters can chew through straps:

Don't put your safety at risk from straps that have been damaged by animals. The condition may not be apparent from the ground, and climbing up on opening day is a bad way to discover there's a problem.

4.    Weather can affect cables and straps left in the elements:

Weigh on the side of caution and don't give the weather a chance to ruin your cables and straps.

5.    Increased chance of theft:

Don't donate one of your most important hunting investments to an enterprising thief.

Bonus Tip:

Just because your treestand’s location was a hot-spot this past season, there’s no guarantee that same spot will be ideal for the upcoming season. Taking them down, gives you time to do your homework, and make sure your stands are in the right place for the season to come.

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