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Field & Stream: An Expert’s Guide to Hunting from a Tree Stand or Ground Blind


Looking the perfect deer hunting setup? Search no further. Expert hunter Bob Robb offers his ultimate guide for hunting from tree stands and ground blinds inside this article from Field & Stream. When building a ground blind, choose a location that’s slightly elevated; otherwise, spotting deer will be difficult. If possible, find a tree trunk you can lean against, so your wait will be a comfortable one, then surround yourself with leaves, sticks, and other brush to build a wall. Shooting from a tree stand is a little more complicated than firing a rifle off a rest, so to replicate this effect, select a tree stand that comes equipped with a bar that wraps around the seated hunter. To reduce noise, pad the bar with foam pipe insulation and use as a gun rest. For advice on silencing your stand, plus other great deer hunting tips, read the full article here.