Hunting Safety

Grid of 3 images showing Summit Treestands' new products for 2024: Dual Threat™ PRO SD, Dual Position Seat, Element Safety Harness

Summit Debuts New Dual Threat™ PRO SD Treestand and More for 2024

Summit is proud to introduce the ultimate treestand, the Dual Threat™ PRO SD, a revolutionary climber designed to redefine the hunting experience. With its multi-tasking, adjustable Dual Threat front bar, this groundbreaking design offers unmatched versatility for both rifle hunters and bow hunters, setting it apart from other treestands on the market. Also joining the 2024 new product lineup are the Dual Position Seat and Element Safety Harness.

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Man carries a Summit Dual Axis Hang-On treestand into the woods


With deer hunting season over and spring upon us, now is the time to ensure your treestands remain in good condition during the off-season to make your fall pre-season prep even easier. Whether it’s for your favorite Summit climber or multiple hang-on setups, here are some tips for maintenance.

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Preseason Treestand Checklist

Before you hang your stands, make sure each is in good working order by following this six-part checklist.

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When to Replace Cables on Your Climber

You probably spent a lot of time in your climbing stand this past fall and winter, but have you checked your cables for wear and tear? Here's a simple checklist to see if it's time to upgrade to new cables.

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Graphic Images Warning

Surviving the Fall

An Indiana Sherriff’s Deputy shares his story of survival and recovery after falling while hanging a treestand. He shares his story of not wearing a safety harness as a warning to all hunters.

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UTV Hauling Tree Stand Maintenance Tools

Tree Stand Maintenance

Your hunting season has ended and the thought of spring has entered your mind. Don’t find yourself sacrificing a safe hunt next year because you don’t want to spend a little extra time taking your stands down for maintenance. The best time to complete a routine check is immediately following your hunting season, before storing your stands in a dry location. This is especially true in areas with more extreme weather conditions. Here are our steps to assist you in carrying out tree stand maintenance this year. 

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Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On Treestand

Petersen’s Bowhunting: Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On

“The rubber coated Talon Bracket is strapped to the tree with a tough webbing strap and, once in place, allows the hunter to haul up the stand and install it in less than 30 seconds,” says Petersen’s Bowhunting’s review of the Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On. “Another advantage of the Talon Bracket System is the ability to purchase multiple brackets and place them on trees at a variety of hunting locations,” allowing hunters to ambush game from different trees.

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Summit’s Goliath SD Tree Stand

Bowhunter Reviews Summit’s Goliath SD

“The Goliath [is] for bow hunters of all shapes and sizes,” says a review from Bowhunter magazine. The Goliath SD is a specialty tree stand. Created for bow hunters who are “real-man-sized,” this “large climbing tree stand has a weight rating of 350 pounds and features a large climber that gives big hunters more room to move around.” This stand, although capable of holding more weight than most tree stands, is very light on its own. Summit Treestands wants deer hunters to be safe above all else. 

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Summit's Cobra SD Climbing Tree Stand

Deer & Deer Hunting Reviews Summit’s Cobra SD

“The Summit Cobra SD climbing tree stand will be the die hard bow hunters’ stand of choice,” says Deer & Deer Hunting writer Alan Clemons.  This versatile tree stand allows hunters optimal positioning for bow hunting or gun hunting. “The open front climber weighs in at a mere 18 pounds and allows bow hunters the choice of either shooting from a seated or standing position.” Comfort and silence are of utmost importance to the serious deer hunter. Summit Treestands delivers: “It features state-of-the-art Dead Metal Sound Dampening Technology to reduce unwanted noises.”

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Seat-O-The Pants Saftey Harness on Hunter

10 Tree Stand Safety Tips: Safely Climb & Descend

Unfortunately, statistics have shown that tree stand accidents are currently the number one cause of hunter-related injury every season. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every three deer hunters who hunt from elevated stands are likely to experience a fall at some point in their lives that will result in serious injury. In order to avoid these senseless and often tragic accidents, follow these important safety tips when hanging, climbing, hunting or descending from a tree stand this fall. Remember, always follow your tree stand's owners manual before taking your tree stand into the woods.

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