ALERT: Customers who purchased the Summit Viper Level PRO SD climbing treestand are directed to cease use of it immediately.

Petersen’s Bowhunting: Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On


“The rubber coated Talon Bracket is strapped to the tree with a tough webbing strap and, once in place, allows the hunter to haul up the stand and install it in less than 30 seconds,” says Petersen’s Bowhunting’s review of the Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On. “Another advantage of the Talon Bracket System is the ability to purchase multiple brackets and place them on trees at a variety of hunting locations,” allowing hunters to ambush game from different trees. Two additional benefits of the tree stand include: “a Single Cable Spreader System that keeps the support cable out of the way and increases usable area on the platform […and] a self-leveling platform that features four cable adjustment points on each side of the stand—making it easy to eliminate slight platform lean or account for small irregularities in the trunk while at the same time ensuring a secure fit.” READ MORE