Picking The Right Ladder Stand

Climbing StandsEvery hunting property has those spots where deer seem to move through on a regular basis. It might be a power or gas line right-of-way, a long straight road through a pine thicket, a food plot or agricultural field or looking across a two-year-old cutover. Regardless of the area, a ladder stand is a perfect option to quietly enter the stand, get elevated above the terrain for a good view and to help carry your scent farther away, and also to provide a sturdy platform and shooting rest for the shot. Here’s a few things you should look for when purchasing a ladder stand.

Features to look for:

Solo DeluxeFold Up Mesh Seat

  • Sturdy construction to eliminate flexing and noise from the stand.
  • The ability to lock to the tree from the ground, prior to climbing and securing top of stand.
  • Easy-to-climb ladder allowing you to put both feet on the ladder rung at the same time.
  • Spacious platform that allows you to safely enter and exit, and to move around easily.
  • Seat that can be folded out of the way, so you can stand unobstructed.
  • Bolt-together construction, to eliminate noise and offer greater strength.
  • Ease of assembly. Assembly should only need simple tools.
  • Ladder position should not be too straight up and down or have so much angle that it kicks out from the tree



Two-Man Ladder Stands

Vine Double Ladder

The other thing to consider, is how many people will be hunting the ladder stand? If you’re a father or mother with children, someone who hunts with their significant other, or someone who often takes new hunters out, then you’d want to focus in on a double-man ladder stand. The Summit Dual Pro Ladder Stand is the ideal option for two hunters. Its all-steel construction not only makes it ridged but allows for two hunters up to 250 pounds each to hunt together. Another cool option for multi hunters is the Vine Double Ladder Stand. It holds the same weight as the Dual Pro but helps break up the stand’s outline with its patent-pending ladder section. The unique ladder features a curved design, breaking up the typical straight lines of a ladder. Both stands are powder coated for weather protection.

Single-Hunter Ladder Stands

Vine Single Ladder


If you’re only in the market for a single-man ladder, then the Solo ProSolo Deluxe and Vine Single Ladder are the options you’ll want to look at. Each one, along with the two-man options, come standard with a shooting rest, which is ideal for taking a long shot across a cutover.


You know the hotspots where you want to hunt this season, now it’s time to decide which ladder stand you want to place there. There’s no wrong choice when choosing the strength, stability and comfort of a Summit ladder stand.