Post Taxidermy Tips

Follow these steps to keep your trophy animal looking as good as the day you hung it on the wall!

Step 1: Handle With Care
Always hold and carry the mount with your hands placed directly under the chin and on the plaque or back of the mount (Avoid carrying by antlers alone).

Step 2: Safe Transport
Take extra precautions when transporting your trophy from the taxidermist to your home. The mount should be safely secured and locked down inside of the vehicle to prevent damage caused by sliding, rubbing and bumping.

Step 3: Proper Placement
Avoid hanging your mount in areas that receive direct sunlight or near an active fireplace. Sunlight and excessive heat can discolor and dry out hides

Step 4: Select A Solid Anchoring Point
Use a Stud-Finder to find a solid anchoring point to hang your trophy. Hanging your mount directly to drywall, sheet rock or wood paneling can be extremely risky.

Step 5: Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes
Exposing your mount to fluctuating temperatures can cause major problems such as mildew to occur.

Step 6: Remove Dust & Cobwebs
Reverse suction on your vacuum hose to gently blow dust and other particles from your mount. Air flow should be directed to go with the hair pattern and not against it. A swifter or feather duster tool can also be used to keep your delicate trophy dust and    cobweb free.   

Step 7: Provide Delicate Hair & Antler Care
Lightly spray a soft cleaning rag with Windex (use a very light layer of spray) to gently clean and groom the hair of your mount (always go with the hair pattern). Utilize a liquid wood cleaner or preservative (ex. Scotts Liquid Gold Spray) and a soft rag to lightly polish the antlers.