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QDMA Article: Deer Can See You Even When They’re Eating


Here’s an interesting experiment: the next time you eat, place your food on the table and lower your nose to touch your food. Now, try looking around. What you see doesn’t compare to a deer’s line of vision, which encompasses a much wider scope than our own. Thanks to the deer’s horizontally elongated pupils, they have a 300-degree panoramic view of their surroundings (compared to our limited 120-degree visual field). Plus, their eyes are able to rotate in different directions—a function called “cyclovergence.” For this reason, taking aim while deer graze isn’t advised. “Just because a deer drops its head to pick up that persimmon doesn’t mean it’s safe to draw your bow,” says Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). “Wait until you can’t see either one of the deer’s eyes, like when its head is behind a tree, to make your move.” For more deer hunting tips, read the full article here