Should I Sit All Day During the Rut?

This is the one time of year when all-day sits might be worth the time and mind numbness that can come with it. Bucks seeking does in estrous will tend to roam at all times of the day. Once you’ve narrowed your search for a hot spot, get ready to put in the time.

Best Locations for All-Day Sits

A good funnel between a doe bedding area can yield a mature buck at any hour of the day. Many of these areas of travel tend to be productive year after year during the rut. Once you’ve keyed in on a good funnel, you’ll want to place cameras in these location several weeks prior to this transition time. This will allow you to spring into action when you see bucks starting to cruise these locations.

It’s best to have hang-on stands already hung for multiple wind directions to take full advantage of this short window of time. If your property is large enough and has multiple funnels that produce during the rut, then have stands ready for each area. If you don’t have stands pre-hung, then locate a couple good trees for your climbing stand depending on the wind direction. If the wind turns and is wrong, don’t burn the stand, move to another with a favorable wind and stay in the stand. You’re just as likely to take a mature buck at high noon as anytime during this phase.

Now is the Time to Use Scents

To help make your all-day sit more productive, use scent to attract roaming bucks. A buck can literally come from anywhere this time of year, so catch his attention with scents. Specifically, I like to use drags soaked with Code Blue Doe Estrous or Screaming Heat in combination with buck urine to give the illusion of a buck following a doe. Roaming bucks are looking for any doe that he thinks is a willing partner and the scent drag can be the one little add that can places him right in your shooting lane.

You’ll Need Food and Extra Layers

Don’t forget your lunch. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re hungry. Be sure to pack some extra clothing as well, in case it starts cooling off. Also, keep in mind that when you are sitting and not moving, you tend to get colder, even in mild temperatures. And always wear an outer layer that can help block the wind. A slight breeze in cool weather can really zap the warmth from your body, especially when you’ll be out in it all day. An extra pair of socks can come in handy, too. Change into these after walking into your stand if your socks get damp. Damp cold feet can ruin a hunt pretty quick.

All-day sits can sometimes be quite boring at times. A good book can help pass the time, as well as games on your phone, but stay alert. You never know when a buck is going to cruise through a hotspot funnel.



About the Author: Chris Parrish has won turkey calling contests at the highest level and has hunted up and down this continent. He has a well-honed knowledge of the habits and patterns of mature whitetails — having recorded 22 bucks in the Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett record books. He’s been an ambassador for PRADCO Outdoor Brands as well as many more. Chris has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others, so look for more of his articles here and at Moultrie Products and Code Blue.