ALERT: Customers who purchased the Summit Viper Level PRO SD climbing treestand are directed to cease use of it immediately.

Summit adds Sentry SD to lineup of Climbing Stands


Sit High, Sit Comfortably With The Summit Treestands Sentry SD!

Birmingham, AL — Summit Treestands®, the industry leader in producing innovative and cutting-edge methods for hunting from an elevated position, adds the Sentry SD to its diverse lineup of climbing stands.The new Summit Sentry SD is a must-have tool in the possession of any serious bowhunter, highlighted by the new mesh flip-up seat that sets it apart from the other climbers in the Summit arsenal in both innovation and comfort. 
Beginning with a design similar to the popular Viper SD, Summit redesigned the Sentry from the platform up and added the new seat design to make its comfort unparalleled. Built around the goal of making climbing as quick, silent and easy as possible, the stand allows hunters to sit high enough that shooting from a sitting position is as comfortable as shooting while standing. And to make the Sentry SD as diverse as possible, it comes available in both an open- and closed-front option.
Sentry SD Specifications:
Weight: 23 pounds/closed front; 21 pounds/open front
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Platform Size: 20 inches by 30 inches
Seat: Contoured mesh folder
Seat Size: 18 inches by 16 inches