Summit Launches All New Viper Pro SD Climber and More for 2021

Viper Pro SD Aluminum Climber

The Viper Pro SD incorporates new and improved functionality that will make setup and takedown quicker and easier than ever. The Viper Pro SD features the all-new QUICKDRAW PRO cable system for even faster and easier attachment to the tree. The QUICKDRAW PRO system has comfort grips built in as well as quick-connect triggers that make cable adjustments a breeze. The new design of the QUICKDRAW PRO also allows for the trigger retention pins to be replaced by a padlock or cable lock in order to deter theft while attached to a tree.

Next, is the Summit FasTrack system that allows hunters to easily add Summit accessories to the exterior of the seat frame. FasTrack accessories include Summit’s Ultimate Hook, Rifle Holder and Phone Holder accessories. More on those below.

The Summit Viper Pro SD features the same strength and safety systems as the original Viper SD, such as SummitLOKT joints, where all joints are locked into place before welding to reduce stress on the welds; RapidClimb Stirrups designed to keep the climber’s boots securely attached to the platform while ascending and descending; and Summit’s DeadMetal sound dampening technology that fills critical parts of the stand with custom-engineered expanding foam. The Viper Pro SD also comes updated with a new one-piece wrap-around arm pad that fully covers the front rail and armrests for added comfort and sound-dampening properties. Hunters will recognize the same super-comfortable suspended seat that is now dressed in Mossy Oak Elements TERRA.

The aluminum Viper Pro SD weighs in at 22 pounds, will hold up to 300 pounds and will attach to trees 8 inches to 20 inches in diameter and sells for $479.99.

Dual Axis Hang-On Stand

Summit introduces the Dual Axis Hang-On Treestand for bowhunters. This lightweight, aluminum stand features patented technology to keep hunters comfortable whether they’re sitting or standing ready for the shot.

At the heart of the Dual Axis stand’s design, is its patented seat that silently locks into two positions, giving you comfort and security whether you are sitting or standing. In the seated position the breathable textilene mesh seat provides all-day comfort. Many bowhunters prefer to stand during prime time and the unique seat design with custom camo, folds up to offer the standing hunter a comfortable pommel seat while waiting for a buck to close the distance.


The Dual Axis incorporates a dual-post design that spreads the platform cables out farther, allowing the hunter plenty of room on the large 34-inch x 24-inch platform. The platform also features Summit’s DeadMetal Sound Dampening Technology, which fills critical parts of the stand with a custom-engineered expanding foam to deaden sound. 

Hunters will also appreciate the quick-attach straps for fast, easy installation in the tree, as well as the lightweight 16-pound stand with adjustable backpack straps for easy transport. The Dual Axis will hold up to 300 pounds and will fit on trees from 8 inches to 20 inches in diameter. Seat height from the platform while sitting is 21 inches and in standing position 34 inches from platform. The Dual Axis sells for $249.99.

Summit FasTrack Ultimate Hook

The Ultimate Hook slides into the FasTrack System found on the exterior of the seat frame on the Summit Viper Pro SD climbing stand. Once the Hook is placed at the desired location on the rail, simply lock it in place and it’s ready for use. The Ultimate Hook will hold up to 15 pounds and is ideal for hanging gear, such as a backpack, bow, binos and more. Metal construction featuring an overmold allows for optimal strength and weight while also gripping your gear without scratching it. The Ultimate Hook will work on stand without the FasTrack System, by using an included gear tie to secure the Ultimate Hook to your stand’s frame. Gear tie also allows you to mount the hook in a variety of locations on your stand for optimal gear storage when packing in and out. Ultimate Hook sells for $14.99.

Summit FasTrack Phone Holder

The Summit Phone Holder can be positioned on the sides or the front of the FasTrack rail for hands-free filming with your smartphone. The fully adjustable phone holder will hold smartphones vertically or horizontally for the perfect photo or video. The holder works on phones from 2-inches to 3 ¾-inches in size. The Holder has an adjustable telescopic arm to raise or lower your phone and an angle-adjustment knob so that you can position the smartphone in the most convenient position possible. Phone holder sells for $19.99.

Summit FasTrack Rifle Holder

The Rifle Holder features two separate holders that each slide into the FasTrack System. They can be perfectly spaced out for any rifle and then locked into place on the rail. The wide design of the Rifle Holder will accommodate large-sized rifles, too. The Rifle Holder will hold up to 15 pounds and features flexible capture straps that stretch over the rifle to secure it into the holders. Metal construction featuring an overmold allows for optimal strength and weight while also gripping your rifle without scratching it. Both rifle holders sell for $19.99.

Be sure to check www.summitstands.com often as these new stands and accessories will be available this winter and spring.