Summit Turns Heads at 2019 ATA with New Ground Blinds

Summit ground blind - ViperLee and Tiffany Lakosky of the Crush hunting show made a point to stop by the Summit booth at the 2019 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Louisville, Kentucky, to check out the new series of ground blinds. Both T.V. stars were quickly drawn to the flagship blind, the Viper.

The Viper features TruView mesh that gives the hunter a near-360-degree view from the inside, while from the outside it looks like the rest of the camouflaged blind. Other proprietary features include: A Split Silent Slide system that allows you to silently slide the TruView mesh panels up or down for a shot, and a hinged Hush Silent Hatch door that allows for stealthy entry and exit without using a loud zipper. Another innovative product that comes standard with the Viper ground blind is the super-simple Snap WrapTM carry system—a durable nylon sheet that securely holds the folded blind during transport and doubles as an in-blind gear organizer during the hunt. The Snap WrapTM features five large pockets for calls, cell phone, binos, range finder, snacks, etc. No more stuffing a bulky ground blind back into a tiny carry bag. The Viper is offered in a 3 and 4-man blind and sells for $299.99 and $279.99, respectively.

Next in the series of ground blinds is the Goliath, with a huge foot print (75x75” in the 4-man and 68x68” in the 3-man) offering lots of floor space for gear and other hunters. Then Summit offers the Cobra in a 2 and 3-man option and finally the Vital, which is offered in a 2-man version. Check out all of the blinds in this video!

Summit ground blind - Viper

To round out the ground blind series, Summit also launched a line of chairs to be used in them or around the hunt camp. The Sling Swivel chair received a lot of attention at the show, and for good reason. The Sling Swivel will silently rotate 360 degrees, while holding up to 300 pounds. The wide duck feet keep this chair from sinking into soft ground and its mesh seat will allow you to sit comfortably for hours.

Other chair models include a super lightweight Tripod Chair, the High Back Chair and the Director Chair. Summit also released a Low Pro Lounger for turkey hunters and a super innovative ChairPack. The ChairPack is a full-use backpack with a built-in adjustable chair that will hold up to 225 pounds. The ChairPack is ideal for hunters on the go. You can adjust it to sit up high or adjust it down for a low-profile seat for turkey or predator hunting. The ChairPack 2.5 sells for $129.99 and the ChairPack 1.5 for $99.99.

Summit ground blind - Viper

Everyone knows Lee and Tiffany are big-time bowhunters, so naturally when they saw the new Featherweight and Featherweight Switch hang-on stands they wanted to know more. Check out their Facebook Live video to see what they liked best! The Featherweight Switch utilizes the Switch Receiver, that quickly and quietly attaches to your desired tree. Once secured to the tree, you simply pull up the Featherweight Switch stand and insert the metal tongue into the receiver, secure the straps and you’re ready to hunt. You can buy multiple Switch Receivers and have them pre-hung to utilize one stand for multiple setups. If you hunt public land, you can easily take your stand home with you — and not worry about someone stealing your property — while leaving the receiver in your favorite tree.

Summit ground blind - Viper

The Featherweight Switch stand has a fully adjustable platform that measures 23x28” and a fully adjustable seat with a 2.75” thick cushioned seat pad. The Switch stand will hold 300 pounds and sells for $219.99. The Featherweight sells for $199.99 and does not utilize the Switch Receiver.

There is a lot to be excited about in 2019! Keep checking and your local retailers later this winter and spring for all of these great new products from Summit.

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