Tips for hanging tree stands pre-season


1. Hang stands in the middle of the day while deer movement is low.

2. Study aerial photos to locate prime funnels and food and water sources.

3. Find good mast crop trees and see how the production has been this season. Acorns will indicate that deer will transition from normal food sources, like plots and crops, when acorns begin to fall. Hang stands 50 to 75 yards away from this area, as deer will likely come from many directions.

4. Note where most deer enter and exit food sources. This indicates what direction they will be coming from and allow you to set stands according to wind direction.

5. Make certain to set stands where deer come in upwind and cannot get downwind once they enter the food plot or crop field.

6. Try not to over trim branches and leaves so you have needed cover for later season hunts. While foliage is thick, it is easy to over trim, not thinking of when leaves fall and the woods open up.

7. If you choose to set up a ladder stand, cut some cedar branches and zip tie them to the ladder. This will help camouflage the tree stand and keep deer from being suspicious not only early season, but as leaves begin to fall as well.

*Summer is the key time to go and check tree stands that were left out from the previous year, making sure the straps, cables, and all working parts are in good shape. Always replace any questionable components.