When to Replace Cables on Your Climber

replace treestand cables

Summit engineers all of our products for serious use. However, over time, there are parts that need to be inspected for safety. Case in point, Summit climbers are popular because year after year hunters know they can rely on them to perform. With a little preventative maintenance, there's every reason to believe your Summit climber will soldier on for many years to come. The cables, in particular, deserve attention though. We recommend a close inspection after every season and before each season begins. Here are a few cable tips to help keep you safe.

Fresh Coating

The plastic coating on Summit cables is designed to reduce noise. While it also protects the cable, it is not intended to add weather resistance or structural integrity. Expect to see wear on the external surface of your cables — abrasions, peeling, and cuts are all likely. Once you begin to see a good bit of wear on the coating, it’s probably time to add a new layer. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of the wear turning into something more serious like corrosion damage and frayed or broken cable wires. A simple replacement of the plastic sheathing is all that's needed to maintain your cables. Summit Replacement Shrink Tubing for climbing-treestand cables is the exact replacement for your existing cable's plastic exterior. You just slide it over the length of the cable and apply heat to shrink the plastic around the cable. Lighters and candles are often used, but both of these methods risk melting the plastic tubing. The easiest way is to use a heat gun. A few passes are usually all it takes. Some blow dryers might be up to the task as well, though they'll likely take longer.

Replacement Cable

If your metal cables are showing signs of significant wear — fraying wires, heavy rust, or large nicks — you'll need Summit Replacement Cables for climbing treestands. Sold in pairs, these factory replacement parts make it easy to have peace of mind when using your climber next season. Not only will you have brand-new cables on your stand, but they also come with shrink tube already applied.

Don’t let the offseason slip away without checking all of your stands for worn parts. If you do find something that needs replacement then visit Summit’s replacement parts page for everything you need.


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