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Wired to Hunt: 5 Most Fascinating Insights from the 2015 Whitetail Report

“The average hunter, like you or me, doesn’t typically have all the high level data at our finger tips to make educated observations. That said, we’re fortunate that this kind of data is actually made available for us,” says Wired to Hunt, which condenses the best of the 2015 Whitetail Report for its readers. “If you’re an avid whitetail hunter and/or concerned about the current state of deer and deer hunting in North America, this is a must read.” The report includes stats on the Midwest Whitetail population, which has steadily declined over the past decade. “That 10 year trend is pretty scary for some states as the Midwest is down about 20%, Iowa is down 43%, Minnesota is down 27% and Wisconsin 26%, and antlerless harvests are way down for many states as well.” All hunters should have a piece of the action too, and can, with the help of these insights from Wired to Hunt. READ MORE