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Outdoor Life: Three Keys for Finding Game to Hunt

“I’m constantly amazed at how difficult it is for some folks to find game…on the flip side there are hunters who seem to be able to wander into the woods and effortlessly bring home the bacon. What makes the difference?” asks accomplished big game hunter, Aram Benedikt, in a recent Outdoor Life article. Benedikt’s first tip: “No matter how hard you work, you won’t find game that isn’t there.” Secondly, hunt wisely and safely to optimize your chances for a big kill. And lastly, you won’t kill what you don’t see: “A savvy hunter can find a lot of game by locating a good vantage point and parking your binocular against your eyebrows for a while."

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Field & Stream: Tips for Better Bowhunting Accuracy

“The exact same thing, time and again, even when your nervous system is in revolt,” that’s what your shooting method should allow you to do, says well-renowned archer, Levi Morgan. In this article from Field & Stream, Morgan reveals how he shoots so accurately and why he’s as good as he is—training. As far as bow hunting methods are concerned, Levi said, “I rely mostly on just two.” Aim and blindness aren’t usually associated with excellence in bow hunting, but they are the main components of Morgan’s training. “It’s a great all-around drill and the absolute best I know for target panic. I’ve seen it cure more cases than anything else.” 

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Broadhead Selection

When selecting the perfect broadhead for your hunt, marketing jargon and technical data can leave you scratching your head, but a few basic facts can help take the mystery out of your broadhead selection. First, understand there are two main types of broadheads -- fixed-blade and mechanical.

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