Watchtower Ultra 10ft Tripod

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  • Commanding 10’ tall tripod stand is ideal for elevating a hunter in areas with no trees.
  • Strong, lightweight steel construction ensures a solid and safe sit.
  • A fully integrated ladder system adds strength and ease of entry into and out of the stand.
  • The flip-up gun rest quietly and effortlessly folds up for easy entry into the stand. When safely seated, simply fold the rest down for a solid gun or crossbow rest when shooting.
  • Comfortable contoured mesh backrest and seat offer all-day comfort and 360-degree silent-swivel action keeps you scanning for deer. The silent swivel chair is also removable and features a carry strap to transport the seat to and from the field so squirrels and other critters can’t damage it.

Big bucks love thick cover, but it’s not easy hunting bucks in short, thick cover where no trees are available for a treestand. That’s where the Watchtower Ultra 10ft Tripod stand shines. Its strong yet lightweight steel construction assures years of safe, reliable service while providing adequate portability for fine-tuning stand location. The fully integrated ladder system is solid, stable and quiet while the built-in, flip-up gun rest provides for rock-solid aiming and easy entry into the stand. The 360-degree silent-swivel seat features a contoured mesh backrest and seat, assuring all-day comfort. The swivel seat can easily be removed so squirrels, rats and the elements won’t destroy it in the offseason.

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