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Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On Treestand

Petersen’s Bowhunting: Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On

“The rubber coated Talon Bracket is strapped to the tree with a tough webbing strap and, once in place, allows the hunter to haul up the stand and install it in less than 30 seconds,” says Petersen’s Bowhunting’s review of the Summit Raptor Series Hawk Hang On. “Another advantage of the Talon Bracket System is the ability to purchase multiple brackets and place them on trees at a variety of hunting locations,” allowing hunters to ambush game from different trees.

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Summit’s Goliath SD Tree Stand

Bowhunter Reviews Summit’s Goliath SD

“The Goliath [is] for bow hunters of all shapes and sizes,” says a review from Bowhunter magazine. The Goliath SD is a specialty tree stand. Created for bow hunters who are “real-man-sized,” this “large climbing tree stand has a weight rating of 350 pounds and features a large climber that gives big hunters more room to move around.” This stand, although capable of holding more weight than most tree stands, is very light on its own. Summit Treestands wants deer hunters to be safe above all else. 

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Summit's Cobra SD Climbing Tree Stand

Deer & Deer Hunting Reviews Summit’s Cobra SD

“The Summit Cobra SD climbing tree stand will be the die hard bow hunters’ stand of choice,” says Deer & Deer Hunting writer Alan Clemons.  This versatile tree stand allows hunters optimal positioning for bow hunting or gun hunting. “The open front climber weighs in at a mere 18 pounds and allows bow hunters the choice of either shooting from a seated or standing position.” Comfort and silence are of utmost importance to the serious deer hunter. Summit Treestands delivers: “It features state-of-the-art Dead Metal Sound Dampening Technology to reduce unwanted noises.”

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Summit’s Crush Series Solo Pro Ladder

Field & Stream Reviews Summit’s Crush Series Solo Pro Ladder

What you want in a tree stand is what most guys want—a model that won’t break the bank, or your neck,” says Field & Stream writer Scott Bestul. So if you’re serious about hunting, yet frugal, the Summit Crush Series Pro Ladder is an attractive option. “If you’re on a tight budget, Summit’s Solo Deluxe model has a comfortable padded seat and the security of a shooting rail for just $130.”

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Summit's Seat-O-The-Pants Fast-Back Deluxe Harness

Outdoor Life Reviews Summit’s Seat-O-The-Pants Fast-Back Deluxe

“Once adjusted, the harness fits like a familiar pair of cotton pajamas,” says an Outdoor Life review of Summit’s Seat-O-The-Pants Fast-Back Deluxe. In keeping with Summit’s thoughtfulness of design, this harness is engineered to keep hunters undetectable: “rubber coating on the low-profile buckles cuts down on noise.” And when hunters need tools readily available, the Seat-O-The-Pants delivers: “two accessory pockets provide a place to squirrel away those hunting accessories you need at a moment’s notice,” exactly what a dynamic hunter requires.

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Hunter Standing in Summit's Hang-On Treestand

Getting the Hang of Hang-On Tree Stands

There is a certain sense of satisfaction when you walk away from a well-placed tree stand. Hang-On Treestands give you the versatility to hang your stand in virtually any type of tree, the way that you want it. Since the best trees for hang on stands might not be as ideal for a ladder tree stand or climber, hang ons can provide the ultimate foundation for bow hunters to ambush whitetail deer. Here are some things to consider when hanging your stands for bow season.

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