Stay Cool & Bug-Free

Here are some helpful tips and strategies for fighting hot temperatures and biting insects throughout the early-season period.

Beat The Heat:

  • Wear lightweight and breathable clothing with good ventilation.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the hunt, especially when walking to your setup.
  • Take your time and walk slowly to your setup to prevent excess perspiration.
  • Use field wipes to help control sweating and alarming odors in problem areas.
  • Periodically spray a scent eliminator around your face and head to cool down.
  • Once in the stand continue to drink water or a thirst quencher like Gatorade, especially during hot periods.
  • Strategically set up your tree stands and ground-blinds in locations that take advantage of the shade. (Morning and evening setups will vary due to the position of the sun)
  • Wrap a cool wet towel around your neck and occasionally spray it with a scent-eliminator to keep the wrap cool and moist.

Beat The Bugs:

  • Avoid insect repellant sprays that produce strong odors and can become diluted by sweat.
  • Utilize a ThermaCELL unit, which effectively will repel mosquitoes and biting flies with minimal odors that don’t seem to spook game. These units can be operated off and on to reduce the scent. Running the device before and after peak whitetail activity periods will also help limit odors.
  • Wearing long rubber boots and spraying Duranon tick repellent on your pants above the knee will keep everything that bites away from you. This spray repels ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes. Plus, the non-staining formula will last up to 6-weeks after drying. After reaching your stand, change clothes and place the treated pants inside of a scent-proof bag.