Summit Debuts New Dual Threat™ PRO SD Treestand and More for 2024

Summit is proud to introduce the ultimate treestand, the Dual Threat™ PRO SD, a revolutionary climber designed to redefine the hunting experience. With its multi-tasking, adjustable Dual Threat front bar, this groundbreaking design offers unmatched versatility for both rifle hunters and bow hunters, setting it apart from other treestands on the market.

Position the front bar straight down, allowing it to support your weight so you can comfortably climb up the tree. Once settled at hunting height, lock the front bar in the upright position, converting it into a sturdy and reliable gun rest, providing rifle hunters with the stability they need to achieve a precise shot. Transform into bow hunting mode by simply adjusting the front bar to rest under the seat, allowing for an unobstructed open shot, maintaining stealth and precision while elevated. Lighten the load by removing the front bar altogether, converting the stand into a hand climber, achieving the same open front hunting configuration at a lighter weight.

No matter what mode you choose, Summit’s new Dual Position Seat adapts with you! Thanks to the additional slide bar buckles, located under the seats base, users can tailor their seat position to fit their hunting style. When bow hunting, raising the seat optimizes space for better clearance when drawing and taking a shot. Rifle hunters can position the seat to the standard configuration for access to the stands gun rest. Clad in Mossy Oak® Original Bottomland® camo, Summit’s Dual Position Seat, included with the Dual Threat PRO SD, can be purchased separately with matching armpads to fit virtually any climber.

Key Features of the Dual Threat PRO SD:

  1. Dual Threat adjustable front bar: Achieve up to 4 different stand configurations thanks to the adjustable front bar:
    a. Positioned straight down for sit/stand climbing method
    b. Positioned down and under the seat for bow hunting position
    c. Positioned up as a gun rest when rifle hunting
    d. Removed completely for hand climbing method and open front bow hunting
  2. Dual Position Seat: Fine-tune your seat’s position using the additional buckles located under the seat to achieve the perfect shot. Lift the seat higher for better clearance when bow hunting and lower it for rifle hunting to utilize the gun rest.
  3. FasTrack® Compatibility: Equipped with Summit’s cutting-edge FasTrack® accessory system to maximize efficiency and keep gear close by your side.
  4. Structural Enhancement: Built to withstand a higher weight limit of up to 350 lbs.
  5. Mossy Oak® Original Bottomland® Camo: Designed with the original Bottomland® Camo from Mossy Oak®, a go-to pattern for gamekeepers everywhere.

In addition to the Dual Threat PRO SD and Dual Position Seat and Armpads, Summit has released the new Element Safety Harness, a light weight, economically priced full-body safety harness.

Providing elevated comfort and security, at a lower price and total weight, the new Element Safety Harness, features a simple “step into” design with quiet adjustable straps, padding throughout the shoulders and back, and a high-performance shock-absorbing bungee tether. Fitted with a back utility loop for attaching a deer drag, and loops on each side of the harness for lineman-style climbing when hunting from a hang-on stand, this harness offers hunters an affordable option without forfeiting quality and comfort.

All three new products are available for purchase now. Shop all below.