Bow Shooting Tips from Elevated Positions

When shooting your bow from the treetops, follow these pointers and you’ll keep more arrows in the kill zone this season.

As diehard bowhunters, we understand the importance of proper and ethical shot placement. A few inches can basically be the difference between a buck in the back of the truck and a wounded deer or missed shot. Let’s face it; blood trails that go cold and clean misses are extremely painful and hauntingly devastating. If you want to avoid the agony of that infamous gut-punched feeling this season, then remember to use these helpful elevated shooting pointers before your next big shot. 

  • Know Your Yardage – Utilize a range-finder that is capable of accurately judging the distance of your target and can automatically compensate for steep angled-shots.
  • Adjust Your Aim – Holding your pin one to three inches below normal will usually keep you on target during steep shots within 20 yards. Also, remember that greater distances plus steeper angles equals even lower aiming points.
  • Understand String-Jumping – Movement or bow noise can cause a deer to quickly duck, crouch and bolt. This is commonly known as jumping the string, and it can result in high hits or complete misses, which is another practical reason to aim lower.
  • Keep Good Posture – Remember to bend at the waist on downward shots, because doing so will help you retain the same upper body symmetry that you’ve probably been practicing at ground level.
  • Wear a Safety Harness – A quality safety harness will enable you to confidently bend at the waist and lean toward the target during standing shots, which creates good posture.
  • Take a Seat – Learn to shoot sitting down and practice this technique (remember to lean toward the target and bend at the waist). Shooting from a seated position can minimize movement and noise. Plus, you will have a steadier aim due to the fact that you don’t have tired legs from standing up for long periods.  


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