Deer & Deer Hunting: 5 Health Tips to Maximize Your Hunting Prowess

“Just like with good hunting boots, good walking/jogging/workout shoes are important. Make that investment, start putting one foot forward and get going,” says hunter and writer for Deer & Deer Hunting, Alan Clemons, who suggests that hunters make some practical lifestyle changes to become better hunters. Hunting demands a lot of the sportsman. An easy way to feel better when performing the heavy manual labor required of most big game hunters is to improve your overall health. “Dragging out a deer…can be taxing even for healthy hunters. Being in shape can help you in the woods when you’re hauling out a buck or doe.” The physical changes you can make to improve your hunt are not unlike those you would use to meet any other fitness goal. “If you’re not of a mind to get into jogging or running, start walking at least a few days each week and make it become a regular part of your day.” Find more practical health tips for hunters from Deer & Deer Hunting. READ MORE