How To Choose A Hang-On Stand

Mammoth Hang-On StandWhile many rifle hunters might opt to hunt from the ground, a shooting house, a ladder stand, or a climbing stand, most bowhunters prefer a hang-on stand. Hang-on stands excels in concealment and quiet entry and exit to and from a stand. All of this is of the utmost importance when trying to ambush a mature buck at 30 yards or less.

Hunter using Mammoth Hang-On
The Mammoth Hang-On Stand with Swift Steps.

Need Multiple Stands?

Hunters who plant and hunt over food plots like to have more than one stand on a plot, so that they can hunt regardless of wind direction. Summit make several models that help these hunters save on cost, while not sacrificing stability, strength or concealment. Summit’s Ledge series, Mammoth and The Stoop hang-on stands are all priced under $100 and will hold up to 300 pounds.

Hunter using rswHawk Hang-On
The rsxHawk Hang-On Stand.

Hang-On Stand For Crooked Trees

When a few yards can determine a shot or no shot in bowhunting, sometimes the perfect tree for a setup isn’t the perfect tree for stand placement. Some tree trunks might have a bend or lean a little one way or the other. This is where stand selection is important. Hang-on stands such as the Summit rsxHawk are capable of adjustment so that even when faced with a leaning or crooked tree you can square up the platform for a stable, level standing area.

Hunter using rsxHawk Hang-On
The rsxHawk Hang-On Stand with Bucksteps.

Lightweight Hang-Ons For On-The-Go Hunters

If your honey hole is deep in the swamp or far from the beaten path, then you’ll want to cut down on weight. The rsxHawk only weighs 13.5 pounds and the aluminum construction reduces weight while being able to hold up to 300 pounds. If you like more lumbar support, then check out the rsxRaptor. The Raptor only weighs 17 pounds but features a contoured mesh-style folding seat with backrest.

Climbing Step Options
The Vine Climbing Sticks.

Climbing Step Options

You’ll also need to affix steps or ladder sections to the tree to quietly enter and exit your stand. Summit offers a variety of options: the Bucksteps, the Vine Climbing Sticks sections, SwifTree 22-foot ladder or the Swift Steps.

While many hunters prefer a larger platform to hunt from, hardcore bowhunters know that hang-on stands are the only real option when targeting wary mature bucks. Get close, get concealed and get in a hang-on stand.