Pick the Right Treestand For the Job

At Summit, we are constantly striving to build the world’s best treestands.  Every waking hour of our engineer’s lives is devoted to the pursuit of the perfect treestand. The truth about stands however is that there’s no such thing.  Stands, like fishing lures or game calls are job specific – you wouldn’t ever head out tuna fishing with a full of bass nor deer hunting with duck calls now would you?  Similarly hunters should equip themselves with the stands that were engineered and built to fit their specific needs.


Comfort Climbers – Picture in your mind that high-pressure hot spot you swore that you’d give a full-day sit.  These stands were built with that purpose in mind.  A little extra padding and legroom goes a long way to make a day in the woods more comfortable.  If this sounds like your kind of tree stand you can check out Summit's full selection of comfortable climbing stands.



Stealthy Climbers – If you’re the kind of hunter that looks longing over the map at the nearly impossible to get to spots and always wonders, “what if?” This stand type is perfect for you.  Stealthy Climbers are built for long demanding hikes into remote country where the benefits of a high-performance feather-light treestand necessitates a minimalistic hunt. If a stealthy approach suits you best, check out Summit's full offering of stealthy climbing treestands.




Comfort Hang-on – Do you have a nickname for your stand location?  If so, there’s a good chance that a comfort hang-on is right for you.  If your perennial go-to spot requires more than a short walk, this is probably the right tool for the job.  Comfort Hang-ons provide most of the same comforts provided by a ladder or tripod without the added weight of a ladder. If comfort is your key to happy hunting, you need a comfort hang-on in your hunting hot spot.




Stealthy Hang-on – Need to be light on your feet to keep up with Mr. Big?  The stealthy hang-on offers quick setup in a featherweight package for short-term sits in trees where it would be downright impossible to use a climber.  If you've got your sights set on the perfect tree deep in the big buck's lair, and there's absolutely no chance of climbing with a climber, try a stealthy hang-on.




Ladders – They’re a little more time consuming to put up, but once they are There’s nothing more roomy, comfortable or easier to get into.  This is the ideal stand for the drive-up spot that has helped you fill your last 3 tags.  Like sitting on your louge chair in your living room, if changing stand location frequently, and both comfort and ease of use are among your top priorities, get a Ladder stand.




Tripods – You’ve got the perfect stand location, there is sign all over the place.  There’s only one problem…no trees.  Tripods are downright necessary for hunting in some areas of the western states, but they can also make for great outlooks over a food plots or water sources when trees are in short supply. 

Looking for more in-depth information about selecting the right treestand for your specific hunting needs? Check out the Treestand Buyer's Guide.