Picking The Right Climbing Stand

Climbing StandsSummit offers a variety of climbing stand options, which might make the selection process a bit difficult. Below we’ll show you what each stand has to offer so you can choose the perfect Summit for your hunting needs.

Open-Front Climbers

Getting close is the name of the game, and a Summit climbing stand is the best option for doing so. But you want a stand that offers less obstruction and a clear shot with archery equipment.


openshot sd treestand


That’s where Summit’s open-front stands come in handy. The OpenShot SD is a bowhunter’s dream. Weighing in at only 15 pounds, its lightweight and compact design allows you to travel far from the vehicle and roads to hunt where the deer are, and other hunters aren’t. There’s no front rail or arm rests to get in the way and the fold-up foam-based-padded seat allows you to stand flush against the tree. With seat down, you can shoot sitting, too. Much like the OpenShot SD, the Sentry SD offers the same open-front design with a slightly larger contoured mesh fold-up seat.

Max Comfort

lightweight treestand


If you’re looking for a bit more comfort but still want the open-front design, then check out the Explorer SD and Cobra SD models. The Cobra model weighs in at 18 pounds while the Explorer checks in at 21 pounds. While the Explorer weighs 3 more pounds than the Cobra, it also features a fold-flat design with a spring-loaded quick-lock pin that makes takedown quick, easy and quiet. Both stands feature suspended foam-padded seats with backrest.


The Razor SD gives you the best of both worlds—a front rail for sit-down-stand-up climbing that folds down for an open front while bowhunting. It also features the same suspended foam-padded seat as the Viper SD, so you can sit comfortably all-day long



Closed-Front Climbers

For those that prefer a front rail for a solid shooting rest or for sit-down-stand-up climbing, then you have many options to look at. Both the Sentry SD and the Explorer SD models mentioned above feature a closed-front option.

Economical Options

sit-down-stand-up climbers


The Viper Steel is constructed of steel for strength and cost savings, but offers the comforts of the Viper SD, all for under $200. 


Aluminum Options

The Viper SDTitan SDGoliath SDMini Viper SD and 180 Max SD can all hold 300 or more pounds, but are lightweight thanks to their aluminum construction.

Rifle Rests

rifle rest


And don’t forget, you can outfit all of these stands with Summit’s Adjustable Gun Rest. There’s a large-size rest for the Goliath, Titan and 180 Max, too. These rest are a must-have for any rifle or crossbow hunter. 



What’s most important to you—price, weight, maximum comfort, rifle or bowhunting? It doesn’t matter what it is, Summit has you covered.

Summit stands are engineered for strength, ease of use, silence and dependability. However, think about your hunting style and if you have the upper-body strength to climb with an open-face climber or if a closed-face climber is a better option because you can use the front rail to sit-and-stand climb. There are stands for small, medium and large-framed hunters, too. You can’t go wrong when choosing a Summit climbing stand.