8 Tips to Protect Your Treestand Investment

These simple steps will help keep your tree stands safe, secure, quiet and performing flawlessly season after season.

Step 1: Take It Down - Take your stand down as soon as the season is over. Leaving it out in the weather or bed of a truck exposes it to moisture and potential dry rot or freezing and cracking.

Step 2: Observe & Assess - Before and after each use meticulously look over every single part of your tree stand to detect and identify potential problems.

Step 3: Keep It Tight – go over and re-tighten all nuts and bolts that can become loose after a long season.

Step 4: Eliminate Rust – prime and repaint any areas that show sign of rusting to prevent further deterioration.

Step 5: Check Connection Points – make sure all cables and straps are in good working condition. Immediately replace any questionable parts.

Step 6: Examine Pins, Ratchets & S-Hooks – carefully inspect all tree stand pins, ratchets and hooks for signs of rust, stress and wear.

Step 7: Properly Care For Seats – check padded seats for rips, tears and holes. Make sure all seats are completely dry before storing them inside of sealed plastic bags.

Step 8: Clean & Store – remove all dirt and debris before storing tree stands in a scent-free environment with a constant temperature. Fluctuating temperatures can generate problems with rust and mildew. Heavy plastic bags and large rubber storage containers are excellent choices.