Stay Warm Hunting with Summit’s Heated Seat

It’s a fact of life that hunters must frequently endure cold weather in pursuit of their passion. Any number of brands offer quality cold-weather gear to fortify hunters against mother nature. With its layers and high-tech materials, the camo available to hunters today has never been better at defeating cold. But when you stop moving and sit for extended periods of time, that’s when the cold truly tests hunter and gear. And one area, in particular, seems especially vulnerable to intrusive cold. It may be out of sight, but when you’re sitting in a frigid tree stand, your butt is never out of mind.

Sure, you can wear something with an insulated posterior region. But since insulation relies on a warming layer of air in the material’s loft, anything that compresses that layer—like, say, a couple hundred pounds of hunter—can ruin the material’s insulating properties. Fortunately, there’s another solution.

With just one rechargeable lithium battery, the Summit Heated Seat can provide up to 13 hours of warmth in even the most bitter cold temperatures. Measuring 15” by 15” square and 1.75” thick, the Heated Seat easily fits a typical treestand, without being unwieldy to pack into the woods. The durable nylon outer shell will provide reliable service season after season.

Select from three power settings with the click of a button. High provides a temperature rating of approximately 131° with an expected duration of four hours. Medium heats to up 113° and eight hours. And Low offers 100° of warmth for up to 13 hours. The button is color coded for quick visual reference of the selected power setting. The Summit Heated Seat comes with a charging cable.

If you’re planning on spending time in a treestand or blind this hunting season, consider adding Summit’s electric heated seat to your gear. It’s a decision that’s certain to give you a nice warm feeling this deer season.