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RapidClimb Climing Stirrup Bungee Replacement

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SKU: SU85146
Replace your warn RapidClimb Climbing Stirrup Bungee quickly and start climbing your Summit stand in no time.

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Summit climbing treestands are known to be the premium brand of treestands on the market, that are built comfort in mind for any hunter. All Summit climbing treestands come equipped with the RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups that make climbing any tree easy, no matter your boot size.

Keep your stand in great shape by replacing the RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups' bungee with the replacement. Quickly loop the bungee around the square aluminum tubing on the bottom of your Summit platform, and your RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups are ready to go again.

  • Fits on any Summit climbing treestand with 1 inch square tubing.
  • Inspect your current bungee yearly.
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