Hunting Tips

Man Carrying Bow Through the Snow

Never Miss Again

Following these five tips will enable you to consistently shoot tighter groups with your bow and eliminate costly mistakes that lead to painful misses.

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Venison On a Plate

Costly Mistakes = Bad Tasting Venison

Avoid these commonly made errors this season and everyone at the dinner table will be asking for a second plate of your venison. Poorly Placed Shots – can lead to blood, stomach content and entrails tainting large portions of the meat. Hunters may also be forced to back out and leave the deer overnight to prevent pushing and possibly losing it, which is why accurate and lethal shots are so crucial.

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Whitetail Deer Mounted on Wall

Post Taxidermy Tips

Follow these steps to keep your trophy animal looking as good as the day you hung it on the wall! Step 1: Handle With Care Always hold and carry the mount with your hands placed directly under the chin and on the plaque or back of the mount (Avoid carrying by antlers alone).

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Food Plot Maintenance

Winter Food Plot Maintenance

Neglecting your food plot during the winter months is unwise if you want to attract deer to your property year-round. Plants grown in spring and summer months often wither in the cold, so it’s important to know which plants will thrive when temperatures drop. Growing a variety of winter vegetation in multiple feeding stations helps prevent overgrazing, and preset feeders will keep raccoons and turkeys from becoming competition. To make the most of your winter food plot, monitor activity with your Moultrie game camera, and access our helpful tips for maintaining your plants. For the full story, visit

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Bow Hunter in Tree Stand

Bow Shooting Tips from Elevated Positions

As diehard bowhunters, we understand the importance of proper and ethical shot placement. A few inches can basically be the difference between a buck in the back of the truck and a wounded deer or missed shot. Let’s face it; blood trails that go cold and clean misses are extremely painful and hauntingly devastating. If you want to avoid the agony of that infamous gut-punched feeling this season, then remember to use these helpful elevated shooting pointers before your next big shot.

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Bow Hunter in Woods Using ThermaCELL Unit

Stay Cool & Bug-Free

When facing tough early-season hunting conditions, be sure to try these hard-hitting tips and strategies that will help keep you cool and bug free.

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Man Climbing to Tree Stand

Never Pick The Wrong Stand Location Again

It’s important to remember that being close only counts when you’re throwing horseshoes or hand grenades. In fact, “almost” and “close” are two words that basically lead to unfilled tags, empty freezers and extra wall space. With that being said, let’s breakdown some cutting-edge tree stand placement tactics that will generate consistent shot opportunities throughout the fall. Follow these high-impact tips and you’ll find yourself sitting above an antler-rich environment a lot more than usual this season.

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Man Climbing Tree to His Tree Stand

Before You Buy a Tree Stand

Currently, hunters can choose from a wide variety of styles, makes and models when purchasing a tree stand. With all of the different selections, how do you make sure you're buying a tree stand that will match your hunting style and meet all the required standards that you expect? In order to get the most bang for your buck, you'll need to address and answer the following questions before buying your next stand.

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Man Carrying Tree Stand Through the Woods

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Tree Stand

Tree stands have made vast advances in terms of safety, comfort, and ease of use. Most are lightweight for quick transportation and require little or no assembly. With all of the options now available, it can be challenging to decide which tree stand will suit you best. By knowing the answers to the following questions, you'll feel secure in the knowledge that your tree stand will support you through many successful hunting seasons.

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