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UTV Hauling Tree Stand Maintenance Tools

Tree Stand Maintenance

Your hunting season has ended and the thought of spring has entered your mind. Don’t find yourself sacrificing a safe hunt next year because you don’t want to spend a little extra time taking your stands down for maintenance. The best time to complete a routine check is immediately following your hunting season, before storing your stands in a dry location. This is especially true in areas with more extreme weather conditions. Here are our steps to assist you in carrying out tree stand maintenance this year. 

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The Vine Series of Treestands by Summit

Summit Introduces The Vine Series of Treestands

Two words - "Engineered Concealment." Summit Treestands®, the industry leader in producing innovative and cutting-edge methods for hunting from an elevated position, redefines ladder stands with The Vine™ Single and Double Hunter—as well as The Vine climbing sticks and Back Country hang-on stand.

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Summit Peak Tree Stand

Grand View Outdoors Spotlights the Summit Peak Tree Stand

Comfortable, compact, and easy to setup, Summit Treestands’ Peak tree stand is the latest addition to its line of The Crush™ Series of stands. According to Grand View Outdoors, “the Peak epitomizes high performance for high places and is a favorite choice of Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of The Crush™.”  Hang the Peak tree stand within seconds, and begin your hunt from the comfort of seat that includes a padded arm and backrest.

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Summit Treestands’ Buckstep Climbing Sticks

AmmoLand: Summit Treestands’ Buckstep Climbing Sticks

With Summit’s Buckstep Climbing Steps, climbing trees that are inaccessible to tree stands is now possible. New and improved, these climbing sticks boast “a smaller profile and reduced weight to enhance the ease of packing to and from that trophy whitetail’s haunts,” says AmmoLand. And its silent tree attachment allows for quiet entry and exit, so you won’t disturb the deer you’ve eagerly been waiting to hunt. 

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Big Buck Under Tree

Grand View Outdoors: How to Bag Bucks on Power Lines

What’s your strategy for locating the biggest bucks? For Grand View Outdoors writer Gerald Almy, it’s placing his tree stand above power line clearings. Here, abundant shelter and food such as tender forbs, berries, shrubs, and saplings provide an oasis for whitetail deer. His tips for finding the right spot...

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Summit Tree Stand Climbing Viper SD

Outdoor Channel Reviews Summit Tree Stand Climbing Viper SD

Hunter Cory Yarmuth wasn’t a fan of climbing tree stands until he saw the Summit Viper SD.  “Weighing in at 20 pounds [its] one of the lightest climbers around,” said Yarmuth. “Climbing with the stand was easy and the adjustments on the climbing cables were simple and quiet. I was able to get much higher in the tree than with a standard hang-on or ladder stand.” Welded aluminum construction results in a tree stand that quieter to climb, and the adjustable seat, cushioned armrests, and padded climbing seat bar makes it “the most comfortable stand that I have had the pleasure to use.”

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Deer Eating Grass

QDMA Article: Deer Can See You Even When They’re Eating

Here’s an interesting experiment: the next time you eat, place your food on the table and lower your nose to touch your food. Now, try looking around. What you see doesn’t compare to a deer’s line of vision, which encompasses a much wider scope than our own. Thanks to the deer’s horizontally elongated pupils, they have a 300-degree panoramic view of their surroundings (compared to our limited 120-degree visual field). Plus, their eyes are able to rotate in different directions—a function called “cyclovergence.” For this reason, taking aim while deer graze isn’t advised.

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Summit’s Peak Treestand

Outdoor Life Reviews the Best New Hang-On Tree Stands

Named an “Outdoor Life Great Buy,” Summit’s Peak is the ultimate choice for tree stand comfort. “The height-­adjustable, trampoline-style seat will keep posteriors happy, and it silently lifts out of the way for standing shots,” making this tree stand ideal for all-day hunting trips. Its integrated footrest and padded armrest add to the comfy appeal of this hang-on tree stand, and at this price point, is one of the most affordable, high-quality products on the market. 

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