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Trophy Buck Mounted

So You Got Your Trophy Mount Back, Now What?

Follow these steps to keep your trophy mount looking as good as the day you hung it on the wall!

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Man Working on Treestand

7 Simple Steps for Better Treestand Maintenance

Just don’t find yourself sacrificing a safe hunt next year because you don’t want to spend a little extra time taking your stands down for maintenance.

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Treestands on Display at Summit's Booth at ATA

Improved concealment, a hot seat, and more at ATA

Visitors to the Summit booth at this year’s ATA show got to see the continuing evolution of some of America’s most trusted treestands. 

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Summit’s Heated Seat

Stay Warm Hunting with Summit’s Heated Seat

If you’re planning on spending time in a treestand or blind this hunting season, consider adding Summit’s electric heated seat to your gear. It’s a decision that’s certain to give you a nice warm feeling this deer season.

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Hunter Walking Through the Woods with Treestand

5 Tips for Hunting the October Lull

Oh, the dreaded October lull. Most hunters get frustrated during this time, and assume there is no choice but to wait in out and start up hunting again closer to November, but if you hunt it right, the October lull can present one of the best opportunities to fill your tag.

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Bowhunter Sitting in Treestand

Finding the Perfect Tree For Your Treestand

Choosing the right tree is an important part of a successful hunt. Here are a few things you should consider when scouting for that perfect tree.

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Hunter Drawing Back Bow in Tree Stand

Stand Placement: Tips for Using the Wind to Hunt Mature Bucks

Wind direction is key to any successful whitetail hunt, but playing the wind is a craft in itself. Although every situation is different, these tips for using the wind to hunt mature bucks can be a game changer.

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Men Working to Unload and Hang Up Tree Stands

Tips for hanging tree stands pre-season

Timing and placement are key factors when it comes to hanging tree stands. These pre-season tree stand-hanging tips will help ensure you and your tree stands are set up for success when the season arrives. 

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Summit Displays New Accessories at ATA Show in 2017

Summit Treestands Debuts New Accessories at 2017 ATA Show

The 2017 ATA Trade Show at the at the Indiana Convention Center was one for the books for the Summit Treestands Team.

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UTV Hauling Tree Stand Maintenance Tools

Tree Stand Maintenance

Your hunting season has ended and the thought of spring has entered your mind. Don’t find yourself sacrificing a safe hunt next year because you don’t want to spend a little extra time taking your stands down for maintenance. The best time to complete a routine check is immediately following your hunting season, before storing your stands in a dry location. This is especially true in areas with more extreme weather conditions. Here are our steps to assist you in carrying out tree stand maintenance this year. 

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Two Hunters Walk Through the Woods with Bow

Lee and Tiffany Switch to Summit Safety Harnesses

Lee and Tiffany switch to Summit harnesses, as the partnership between The Crush and Summit Treestands climbs to new heights. 

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Hunter Sitting in Treestand Drawing Back Bow

Summit adds Sentry SD to lineup of Climbing Stands

The new Summit Sentry SD is a must-have tool in the possession of any serious bowhunter. Summit Treestands adds the Sentry SD to its diverse lineup of Climbing Treestands. 

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