ALERT: Customers who purchased the Summit Viper Level PRO SD climbing treestand are directed to cease use of it immediately.

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Trimming Shooting Lanes

Many well-hidden stands need a little trimming done around them to ensure a clear shot, but don’t get carried away or you could ruin your hotspot. 

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When to Replace Cables on Your Climber

You probably spent a lot of time in your climbing stand this past fall and winter, but have you checked your cables for wear and tear? Here's a simple checklist to see if it's time to upgrade to new cables.

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Graphic Images Warning

Surviving the Fall

An Indiana Sherriff’s Deputy shares his story of survival and recovery after falling while hanging a treestand. He shares his story of not wearing a safety harness as a warning to all hunters.

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Two Whitetail Deer in the Snow

What is the Second Rut?

Have you heard about the second rut before, but don’t know what it is or how to hunt it? We’ll detail exactly what this flurry of buck activity a month after the main rut is and how to best hunt it.

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