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Small Plot Stands Are Killer For Big Bucks

Using small food plots in strategic locations to attract target bucks.

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Spring Gobblers From Summit’s New Viper Ground Blind

Our friends at were testing out a new Summit Viper ground blind this spring and captured some archery gobbler action on camera. Check out video and ground blind review here! 

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When to Replace Cables on Your Climber

You probably spent a lot of time in your climbing stand this past fall and winter, but have you checked your cables for wear and tear? Here's a simple checklist to see if it's time to upgrade to new cables.

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When to Remove Treestands for the Offseason

Getting stands out of the woods in the off-season is important for making sure they work as they should for seasons to come.

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3 Places to Tagout as Season Closes

Three top stand placements for Hail Mary hunts.

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Summit Turns Heads at 2019 ATA with New Ground Blinds

Long known as the industry leader in climbing stands, Summit creates excitement at 2019 ATA Show with new ground blind series.

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Graphic Images Warning

Surviving the Fall

An Indiana Sherriff’s Deputy shares his story of survival and recovery after falling while hanging a treestand. He shares his story of not wearing a safety harness as a warning to all hunters.

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Large Buck in Bushes

Where to Hunt Deer When It’s Cold!

As winter’s grip tightens during the late season, deer will seek out thermal cover and abundant food to survive. Here’s where to look for that late-season monster.

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Two Whitetail Deer in the Snow

What is the Second Rut?

Have you heard about the second rut before, but don’t know what it is or how to hunt it? We’ll detail exactly what this flurry of buck activity a month after the main rut is and how to best hunt it.

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Bowhunter Standing in Treestand Drawing Back Bow

Does Stand Height Affect Arrow Trajectory?

Like to hunt from nosebleed heights? Be sure to take point of impact shift into consideration!

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Two Deer Lay in Fallen Leaves

What is the Lock-Down Phase of the Rut?

You’ve probably heard about the lock-down phase of the rut, but do you know how to take advantage of it and tag a mature buck?

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Treestadn Ladder Being Camouflaged with Branches

How To Hide Your Treestands

Taking a few minutes to conceal your treestands can make the difference in tagging that buck or getting busted. Here’s how to do it.

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