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Summit Viper Pro SD

Summit Launches All New Viper Pro SD Climber and More for 2021

What would have been the talk of the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show this year, if it wasn’t canceled due to COVID-19, is the all-new Summit Viper Pro SD aluminum climbing stand and Dual Axis Hang-on stand.

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Treestand Buyer's Guide

At Summit, we are constantly striving to build the world's best tree stands.  Every waking hour of our engineer's lives is devoted to the pursuit of the perfect tree stand. The truth about stands however is that there's no such thing. Stands, like fishing lures or game calls, are job specific - you wouldn't go deer hunting with duck calls now would you? Similarly, hunters should equip themselves with the stands that were engineered and built to fit their specific needs.

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Why You Should Use A Climbing Stand During the Rut

The ability to change locations in a matter of minutes is, quite literally, the most effective tactic you can employ when the rut is cranking. Here’s why you should use a climbing stand during the rut.

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Five Reasons to Take Down Your Stands in the Off-Season

There are a million things we would rather be doing this spring than taking down our treestands, just to have to put them back up again in a few months. But there's a few reasons that will make it worth it.

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Preseason Treestand Checklist

Before you hang your stands, make sure each is in good working order by following this six-part checklist.

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archery practice from a treestand

Archery Practice from a Treestand

You can stack arrows on top of each other at 40 yards from the ground, but are you practicing like you'll hunt to ensure success this fall?

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Summit ground blinds" title="Summit Ground Blinds for Gobblers

Ground Blinds for Gobblers

Four keys to success for a blind-based turkey season.

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Summit Introduces New Stands, Accessories at 2020 ATA Show

Summit introduces a new hang-on stand, two new ladder stands, an all-new tripod stand and a load of great accessories at the 2020 ATA Show.

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7 Climbing-Stand Accessories That Enhance Your Hunt

If you already own a climber or are in the market for a new one, here are some accessory options that can make your hunts more productive.

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Early Season Stand Placement: Watering Holes

Early season typically means hot weather and thirsty deer, so don't overlook water holes for early success.

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Trimming Shooting Lanes

Many well-hidden stands need a little trimming done around them to ensure a clear shot, but don’t get carried away or you could ruin your hotspot. 

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Treestand Prep For Fall Success

Here/s four treestand chores that need your attention now.

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